The Hurricane Storm and Coronavirus Pandemic documentaries

This is a paper that is focusing on the Hurricane Storm and Coronavirus Pandemic documentaries. The paper also provides the objectives to meet in writing the assignment paper.

The Hurricane Storm and Coronavirus Pandemic documentaries

Essay Topic and Objective:
You will be watching two 50 minute documentaries: The Storm and Coronavirus Pandemic in order to complete this essay.
1. The Storm: Hurricane Documentary (Links to an external site.)
2. Coronavirus Pandemic Documentary (Links to an external site.)
Federalism  Overview:

Considered together, Hurricane Katrina and Covid-19 both produced policy disasters in the United States that were both unnecessary and linked to federalism.  These challenges produced by nature raise the question of whether certain disasters are beyond the capacities of state and local government.


While watching these films, the central theme to take away from these videos is a better and more comprehensive understanding of Federalism. Through real life evidence and explanation. Critically analyze each of the elements and consequences of each different national disaster, based on different level of government’s responses, actions. Leadership, communication processes, and decision-making.  Despite, both Hurricane Katrina and Corona Virus being deemed as “national emergencies”.

The power organization resulted in vastly different responses by each level of government’s leadership (across all levels: federal, state and local).
Introduction to Federalism: State and also Local governments are the first line responders to crisis. The institutions encompass not only the national government and the American states, each with their own distinctive histories. But extend down to the local level of counties, cities, smaller communities, and special-purpose entities such as school districts.

Support and opposition for Federalism rests on government leadership, power, decision-making, and also response to national disasters. Response is a geographic and constitutional matter of design. Additionally, the principles underlying federalism create a power system where multiple levels of government. (local, state, and federal). Coexist in an organization of power that is both exclusive and share, depending on the event at hand.  Though the federal government has a vital role to play in advancing national priorities through the powers enumerated to it by the U.S. Constitution, our founders recognized long ago that many of the challenges our citizens face can best be addressing at the state level.

The Constitution set forth means for strengthening national government’s power, intended to establish a more perfect union (Preamble). Federalism would be the new organization of power, between local, state and also federal U.S. government. In order to the remedy weaknesses caused by the Articles of Confederation.