The Globality of Business Models: IBM and Circular economy

This paper is on The Globality of Business Models: IBM and Circular economy. Assess the impact of circular economy upon the IBM’s business model 2500 words, well-structured with graph, figubikre and so on Well support reference.

The Globality of Business Models: IBM and Circular economy

Assess the impact of circular economy upon the IBM’s business model 2500 words, well-structured with graph, figure and so on Well support reference.


1.      Is the word count definitive?

No – there is a 10 per cent allowance thus allowing some discretion without offering unfair advantage.

2.      Are references/bibliography included in the word count?

3.      Is there a minimum number of references?

No – as they are excluded from the word count this should not be an issue. The nature of the answers required means that the better answers offering more robust and rigorous answers will have a higher number of references.

4.      What is an acceptable Turnitin score?

Anything over 35 per will automatically get referred but if you score is approaching 30 per cent please re-examine the essay to get the score down to remove any uncertainty.

5.      As this is a business report, do  I need an executive summary?

In a report of this length, I do not believe they are necessary.  However should you omit one you will not be penalised nor will you be awarded extra marks if you include one. If you do try to limit it to  @50 words or otherwise you risk eating into the tight word limit.

6.      What makes a good essay?

Remember there are no right or wrong answers it is the quality of your argument that matters. This will be determined by the quality and depth of your research, by your ability to bring themes together and to offer a critical review of the material offered. Imagine you are writing a report for senior management.  When looking at data – for example – always make it clear why this is important to the issue. Always form an opinion based on available evidence not upon hunches or simple bias.

7.      I was wondering what exactly you meant in the slides for the Assignment 2 brief when you say “map the BM onto the risks”? I am not exactly sure on what it means to map the Business Model of a company on to the risk

It is about understanding how the long term trend will impact upon the BM. Will its primary impact be upon the revenue or operations side?

8.    I am confuse about the structure itself. I get that the value proposition; operational and marketing of the firms should be considered but could you recommend some ways we can find conceptual frameworks to organise our ideas? PESTLE for example deviates from the value proposition; operational and marketing of the firms. Basically, how can we organise our ideas?

I thought the structure was well signal led; this a three part structure. Pestle is irrelevant as that is broad environmental analysis. You need to map the BM on to the trend via an understanding of the trend and the BM.

9.    I understand the structure of the essay, but I am unsure about the analysis part of it. How should we approach critical analysis in this context? A large part of it seems to be descriptive, e.g., describing the business model and global risk and its implications. What are the best ways to show critical thinking?

If you think the BM part is description then you are misinterpreting the point of the section. This section is to pick the BM apart to understand how it creates value. The global risk also is also not descriptive – it is about understanding its value creating/destroying capabilities. Yes you will acknowledge it but describing it is missing the point – it is about understanding it and its impact.

10. In part 2 concerning the global risk, should we discuss it generally or do you need to describe it in the context of the specific company? I understand that in part 3 which concerns mapping the risk, it is in the context of the business.
As per above you need to understand in generic terms its capability to shape the commercial context of business. In broad meta terms – what is happening and also how is it changing things?

11) Following on from question 9 for the business model part should we use journal articles to analysis how the BM is creating value?

I don’t think this is necessary. I take it as read that the student knows what a BM is. The  value creating process is firm specific. Key here is your critical ability to read the report and also comprehend where the firms adds value – this is a key analytical point.