The global organizational prospectus of Starbucks company

This is a paper that is focusing on the global organizational prospectus of Starbucks. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

The global organizational prospectus of Starbucks

Global Organization Prospectus: Starbucks
Large, multinational organizations are very complex. As you conduct your research, you must determine the level of analysis you will use. For example, are you identifying an issue that exists and would be addressed at the corporate, top management team, or CEO level? Is this an issue that exists within a business unit (BU) or division of the corporation? Is the issue specific to a region or even to a functional department?

For example, McDonald’s Corporation’s 2014 Annual Report discusses revenues by geographic region as well as by company-operated restaurants and franchise-operated restaurants. Would you approach an optimization issue for this organization (1) at the corporate level or (2) the specific type of restaurant operation, the geographic region, or a combination of both? Similarly, GE is a diversified corporation. Its 2014 Annual Report discusses five global operations centers, eight global research centers, and seven business units in addition to GE Capital. In which area(s) does your optimization issue lie?

Begin the assignment by identifying up to three possible optimization issues facing a global organization optimizing operations to address change. As you move through Weeks 1-6, you will be able to narrow your focus to a single issue, which will be presented in the Week 8 final paper. It is very likely that the optimization issue in your Week 8 paper will have evolved from your Week 1 paper.

The global organizational prospectus of Starbucks

Write a 1,000 word prospectus on Starbucks from the perspective of an international management consultant. This prospectus should contain the following elements:
Firstly, describe the organization, the level of analysis, and up to three issues facing this organization, its industry/sector/subsector, and/or the country(ies) in which it operates.
Secondly, describe how the identified issues may affect optimizing key operational elements.
Thirdly, describe what optimization would be for each issue.
Fourthly, identify an initial set of sources you will use to obtain information on the organization. (history, current products/services, financial performance, corporate social performance). Also, the potential areas for optimization. (leadership, organizational structure, organizational behavior, ethics, operations management, project management, quality management, globalization, and integration). These sources should incorporate organization-specific, industry/trade, and peer-reviewed publications.
Include applicable graphs, charts, tables, and figures which are excluded from the word count maximums.
Include organization-specific, industry/trade, and peer-reviewed references.