The GE’s Talent Machine the making of a CEO case study

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The GE’s Talent Machine the making of a CEO case study

GE’s Talent Machine: The Making of a CEO
Case Questions
1.       Firstly, while most companies have difficulty producing sufficient quality candidates for top management succession, how has GE been able to create a surplus? What philosophy, policies, and practices have made it a “CEO factory” as Fortune called it, and easily the world’s best machine for churning out corporate talent as The Economist described it?

2.       Secondly, how generalizable are GE’s management development policies and practices? How transferable across cultures? Across industries? Across companies?

3.       Thirdly, as Jeff Immelt, is it time to tune up or even overhaul GE’s management development policies and practices? Specifically, how would you deal with proposals to change the vitality curve, MBA and international recruitment, and the executive bands?

4.       Fourthly, what lessons do you take from this case? Reflecting on your analysis – positive or negative- of GE’s development of its management pipeline, what do you see as the key success factors in making talent management what Immelt claims is an important source of competitive advantage for the company?

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