The future of the crossroads center case study analysis

This is a paper that is focusing on the future of the crossroads center case study analysis. The paper also provides additional questions to use in the assignment paper.

The future of the crossroads center case study analysis

Case study is on page 398.
Thoroughly read Case Study 7: The Future of the Crossroads Center.
Create a 5-6 page Case Study Analysis where you take a role of an organizational development consultant for the Crossroads Center and address the following:

Firstly, summarize the current situation at the Crossroads Center.
Secondly, explain what the client is looking to accomplish. What challenges exist for the client in accomplishing his objectives?
Thirdly, design a future search conference, strategic planning session, or scenario planning engagement for the client. Choose one of these and develop an agenda to present to the client, describing the purpose, goals, objectives, and structure for the session based on the descriptions presented in Chapter 12 and in the supplemental readings suggested at the end of the chapter.

Additionally, if you were to conduct an organizational development engagement at the Crossroads Center. Explain what outcomes or process variables you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention (see Figures 13.1 and 13.2 in Chapter 13).
Conclude by providing specific recommendations to the leader and managers of the company on how to proceed in the given situation.
Ensure that the case study includes a problem statement (defining the issues and establishing the facts), determines the root causes of the problem. (how it arose and how it got to this point), generates alternative solutions. (analyzing and evaluating alternatives), and identifies the solution which best solves the problem and why (rationale).

Use the questions as your guide but write your case analysis as a paper, not a question-and-answer format. It needs to flow. Optionally, you can use subheadings. Use APA writing format and at least 3 external resources to support your statements.