The future of DNA profiling and forensic genetic in testing

This is a paper that focuses on the future of DNA profiling and forensic genetic in testing. The paper also compares and contrasting of the potential of Rapid DNA technology.

The future of DNA profiling and forensic genetic in testing

Critical Analysis Essay
We learnt a lot over the past 6 months about DNA profiling in the UK system (I am a student in the UK).
Rapid DNA technology is one new way in which DNA profiling can be carried out in an automated way. This essay will look into the future of DNA profiling, and forensic genetic testing in general, and ask for your opinions on this topic. It makes no difference whether your markers agree with your opinions or not. (for example, you are welcome to argue that Rapid DNA is either going to revolutionise forensics or will have a very minimal impact). As long as you back up your opinions with evidence.
You are specifically going to compare the potential for Rapid DNA to be in forensic genetics with how you see the area of DNA methylation analysis affecting the forensic genetic landscape.

Your precise essay title is set out below:
Rapid DNA is a new approach to DNA profiling. Has the potential to change the way that we carry out routine DNA identifications.

–  Critically assess the potential of rapid DNA to implement into the forensic workflow, commenting on whether we could, and should, use it.
–   Additionally, contrast the potential for forensic genetic practices to change in the next few years due to Rapid DNA technology. This is with the potential for DNA methylation analysis to change forensic genetic practices – which of these two applications do you think will have the most impact on forensic genetics and why.

The essay should be no more than 2500 words. I am expecting you to take the information that you find.
This a recent paced field so I will expect you to find many recent peer reviewed journal articles. (around 25 references or more).