The four characters in a play whose names are emblematic

This is a paper that focuses on the four characters in a play whose names are emblematic. The paper also provides further instructions to follow while writing the assignment paper.

The four characters in a play whose names are emblematic

Assignment for Tempest unit
In this unit on the Tempest, you have a choice of assignments.
a) you can continue the pattern we have followed in other recent units, writing one page (about 250 words) of response to each of the three online lessons presented on MyCourses.   Reminder to enrich your responses with references to specific lines and actions within the play.  Submit your responses in a single document to Turnitin.
b)  you can do a short-answer quiz on The Tempest unit:  answer any four of the following questions.   As always, cite lines to support your answers.  Submit your answers in a single document which you upload to Turnitin.

1.     Firstly, name four characters in the play whose names are emblematic, and explain how their names relate to their roles and/or character

2.     Secondly, some have seen Ariel as not simply the spirit who executes Prospero’s commands, but as a moral force within the play.  Discuss, citing lines to support your view.

3.     Thirdly, prospero can be said to have a vision of a cosmic moral order.   Analyze the extent to which that moral order is within Act 5 of the play, citing lines to support your analysis.

4.     Fourthly, on his island Prospero can be seen as a kind of theater director–a combination of author, producer, and stage-manager.   The most notable and obvious is the storm scene which opens the play.  Describe and analyze one other episode or moment within the play when this directorial role is particularly apparent in Prospero.

5.     Lastly, who said, “You taught me language, and my profit on’t/ Is I know how to curse”?  Explain the significances of this line.