The Fictional case and priority issue Summative assessment

This is a paper that focuses on the Fictional case and priority issue Summative assessment. The paper also focuses on the various aspects to follow in writing the paper.

The Fictional case and priority issue Summative assessment

Length: 2500 words maximum (expected average word count: 2000 words)
Focus: Based on your group’s fictional case and the priority issue identified in the Group Presentation
(Summative assessment 2), you will now submit an individual written report where you are expected to provide solid reasoning on why your department’s role in the overall project will be beneficial not only to the department but to the company’s new strategic vision for sustainability, and how exactly your department will contribute to achieving the sustainable strategy plan.

Indicative Structure:

1. BRIEF OVERVIEW OF Summative 2 CASE (indicative word count: 250 words):
Start with a brief overview of the fictional company’s vision, aims and objectives and the identified challenge to address. Include a summary of the sustainable strategy action plan supported by the
Gantt chart presented in Summative 2.

Present your role in the company and elaborate briefly on the specific contribution of your department towards the overall intended plan. Consider making use of general management and of sustainability concepts and tools to fully sustain and inform your case.
We recommend that you also include a brief analysis of the department. You may wish to use tools such as SMART, or TROPICS, or a Sustainability model such as Silvius and Schipper’s, or The Phase Model by Dunphy, Griffiths and Benn, or any other model you like.
BUT we strongly advise you to refrain from using SWOT or PESTLE, as these are tools that you are bound to use quite often in other modules, and therefore reduce your learning opportunities.

3. PROJECT PLAN (indicative word count: 1,000 words)

Develop and fully sustain your department’s detailed project plan, which should include:

▪ MILESTONES and Objectives: you should list the same milestones as presented in Summative 2 for the overall project). Also, explain in which one(s) will your department specifically be, and why. You may then prefer to set a sub-set of specific Milestones for the department to address in order to meet the overarching milestone(s) of the full project. Make sure you use sound arguments to justify each milestone in detail, and refer both to general management and to sustainability concepts and tools (frameworks, models, and metrics). One of the milestones should be a Risk assessment and Mitigation plan. Do not overdo the number of milestones, if you use specific ones for the department’s own project. As stated in Summative 2, this is an exercise, so three or four milestones are more than enough to demonstrate that you know what makes up a project and how to use this.