The experimentation of a case study dataset using various tools

This is a paper that focuses on the experimentation of a case study dataset using various tools. The paper also provides further instructions that you can follow while writing the paper.

The experimentation of a case study dataset using various tools

1.       Firstly, select a dataset that you are interested in and can relate to on a personal level.
2.       Secondly, structure a formal PDF case report. Only ONE PDF Report file must be submitted – No other files maybe submitted. You may use any tool(s) of your choice to accomplish the following. Use this case study as a learning opportunity. Experiment and have fun!


a.     Firstly, write an introduction
b.      Secondly, define and collecting data
i.      Identify variables, data types, etc. Provide in-depth info on the data elements.
ii.      Identify the size of the dataset, any missing values, any outliers, etc.
c.     Thirdly, organize and visualization of variables
i.      Apply the specific organization and also visualization technique to provide effective understanding about the data
ii.      Interpret your findings succinctly in your report.

d.       fourthly, build a research question with a full explanation. Identify a method to answer the question and also explain why you picked the method(s). Please use something like K-means
e.       Also, apply at least 1 of the following methods to your dataset which should be linked to your research questions. Additionally, explain results and why you selected the method(s):
1. Confidence intervals
2. Sampling distributions
3. Correlation analysis
4. Regression analysis
5. ANOVA tests
6. Hypothesis testing

f.        Additionally, implement 1 ML algorithm with your dataset. Explain why you chose this specific algorithm. The rationale and approach is the most important when you answer this part of the assignment question. Also, implement the algorithm using a tool set of your choice (it can be one of the many reviewed in class or any other). Show and also explain your results.
g.       Subsequently, describe lessons learned from this assignment.
h.       Lastly, summarize the entire report with a conclusion section at the end of the report.

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