The Epic of Gilgamesh

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Write a two- to four-page paper on one of the questions below. The paper should follow MLA or University of Chicago format and include proper citations and appropriate examples. A successful paper will include at least six specific examples. Your paper should have a title. Additional research is not necessary, though you may wish to use one or more of the articles in the Norton edition of the book.Choose one and only one of the following options:

1.What lessons does Gilgamesh learn about seeking fame and then eternal life?

2. Discuss the relationship between humans, semi-humans, and the Mesopotamian gods. What does the epic tell us about the nature of Mesopotamian religion?

3.Who are the important women in the epic and what role do they play in the story?What do the portrayals of women tell us about how women were seen in ancient Mesopotamia?

4.What heroic qualities do the major characters possess? What flaws do the major characters have? Explain.

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How to include Proper Citations:Since this is a one-source paper, you need only to cite a page number when you reference examples. Be sure to include a citation for a direct quotation AND for a general reference to something in the book. Example 1: Enkidu warned Gilgamesh that the “hunt of Humbaba is a hopeless quest.” (18).

Example 2: Enkidu said it was hopeless to go after Humbaba. (18).Note: In example 2, you still need the citation even though you are not quoting.If you use additional sources, such as one of the articles in the criticism section, you will need to cite these too. Again, you need to include a citation whether you are quoting or if you are making a general reference.

Example 1: Rivkah Harris points out that women “are regarded positively only when they assist Gilgamesh….” (Rivkah Harris, “Images of Women in the Gilgamesh Epic,” 209.)

Example 2: Only women that help Gilgamesh come across positively. (Rivkah Harris, “ Images of Women in the Gilgamesh Epic,” 209.)

In example two, I borrowed the idea from Harris, so I need to cite her work, even though I am not quoting her directly. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias: It is considered poor style to quote the dictionary or an Encyclopedia. These sources are used for background information. Under no circumstances should Wikipedia be used. Any paper making reference to Wikipedia will not be grade