The Dobe Ju/’hoansi – Examination of Ethnographic Techniques

 The chosen book is The Dobe Ju/ ’hoansi – here is a link to the PDF of the entire book Feel free to use any other sources as well like stated in the directions for the paper below. The second section is the Examination of Ethnographic Techniques (worth 55 pts). Within 2-3 pages, examine your ethnography in terms of identifying what field methods the ethnographer used and evaluate how the ethnographer elicited the cultural information he/she wanted from the people they were studying. Choose 3 out of the ethnographic techniques listed in LM 2 and provide at least a couple of solid examples of how the ethnographer employed these techniques and elicited particular kinds of cultural information. (Separating your analysis into separate sections based on technique is useful). Ethnographic Techniques * Participant Observation * Interviewing and Questionnaires * The Genealogical Method * Key Cultural Consultants and Life Histories * Emic vs. Etic (Here is a video covering all of these in depth [10 Minutes long] Be sure to include in-text citations for any information you get from your ethnography.