The development of an interactive computer system

This is a paper that is focusing on the development of an interactive computer system. The paper also provides additional requirements in writing the assignment paper in detail.

The development of an interactive computer system

In the process of developing an interactive computer system, which includes web development, it is essential to conduct user evaluations of those systems. In the activities for this report task you will be involve as a participant in two or more experiments that add up to 3 hours 2 hours. All the experiments from Computer Science or from Psychology have strong similarities with the types of user evaluations that you would conduct for your web development.

When you take part in these experiments you are to treat them as learning exercises for yourself. You will pay attention to the purpose of the experiment. You will also observe what it is like to participate in that experiment. Subsequently, you will think critically about the way the experiment is conducted and you will reflect on what you can learn from that experiment that might be relevant to user evaluations of web pages and web sites.

Writing the report will give you practice in formal writing about your observations. Also, experience and reflections of taking part in these experiments. In the report, you will choose two experiments that you have participated in. Also, write in detail about the two experiments. There are two main kinds of experiments:

A) where you participate and do tasks and will provide data which the experimenter can compare to results from other participants. B) where you act like an experimenter for at least part of an experiment. Additionally, you explicitly compare two or more devices/images/videos/events/etc. The two tasks you describe in the report must include one of each of these two types of experiments.