The development of a lesson plan for a first grade ELL class

This is a paper that is focusing on the development of a lesson plan for a first grade ELL class. The paper also provides the contents to include while writing the assignment paper.

The development of a lesson plan for a first grade ELL class

Benchmark-Content Area Lesson Plan and Reflection

Develop a content area lesson plan for a first grade ELL class. The lesson should focus on a specific content area while integrating biliteracy-related activities and materials. Content areas may include, but are not limited to social studies, science, and math. Use the SIOP lesson plan template for the lesson plan. Content area and English language proficiency standard and objectives for a first grade class in a school in the state of Florida.

The content area lesson plan should include the following:
Firstly, knowledge and use of applicable language acquisition theories
Secondly, appropriate scaffolding and modeling of first grade content knowledge and academic language
Thirdly, appropriate content standards and English language proficiency standards
Fourthly, appropriate content objective and language objectives
First grade level content and curriculum
Use of activities, multicultural books, and materials that integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing
Use of various instruments and techniques to assess content area learning for ELLs at varying levels of language and literacy development.

Include a 550 word reflection explaining the points below:
1.     Refection of the learning experience during filed experience
2.     Include feedback received from a mentor working with you about the created lesson
3.     Refection on efficacy of lesson with ELL students.

Writer keep in mind assignment is part of a field experience, meaning I am collaborating with a mentor.
I will upload SIOP lesson plan template required for the lesson plan.

Ensure that the paper is at least three pages long exclusive of the cover and the reference page. All references should be in the reference page with their respective citations in the paper. Additionally, ensure you use the APA formatting and style in writing the assignment paper.