the Danish movie, A Highjacking

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Please watch the Danish movie, A Highjacking, and answer the following questions:

1) In no more than one or two paragraphs, please explain who has more leverage in this negotiation and why? Please also describe what the leverage of each side consists of.

2) Was it a good idea to allow the CEO of the Danish company to conduct the negotiations himself? In your view, why is it important to be somewhat detached from the negation.

3) Please provide examples of how relating to the other side facilitated a breakthrough in the negotiations.

4) Was the incident at the end of the movie foreseeable or predictable? If yes, what type of advice or measures could have prevented it.

Your assignment should be between 400 and 650 words. Please note again that this is an individual assignment. A Youtube link to the movie is provided in the module. It can also be found on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.