The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

 Description Expository Essay Conducts an analysis of a book and states the intent of the book. OVERVIEW Introduction: typical introduction working from general “hook” to a specific thesis Paragraph 1: Summarize the book Paragraph 2: Describe the author’s position/intent (what was the author trying to prove/explain in this novel…in other words, why did they write it? Provide evidence) Paragraph 3: Argue whether you agree with the position of the author/producer Conclusion: Work from closing your thesis to closing general idea (opposite structure of the introduction). Recipe: Step 1: Start with a “working thesis” (Color in the movie Pleasantville was used to convey…) Ø Start with a hook that gains general interest of your audience Ø Write your introduction Ø Close with your thesis with your topic and position Step 2: Summarize the novel Ø Explain the text/movie but direct your summary it at supporting your opinion. Ø This is mathematical-like thinking (Abstract thought) Ø What is important that they know about the book/movie in order to make your argument meaningful? Step 3: What is the director/producer trying to say? Ø DON’T SAY “I believe” write it assertively (strongly) “The author of the novel was trying to…” Ø Discuss what the author of this novel was trying to show through the characters and plot development. Ø Give examples and support your argument with logical explanations of how those examples show your opinion to be true. Step 4: What is your opinion on the theme (not the book!!!). Ø “I” is allowed in this section only Ø Critically examine the position on the producer/director Ø You can agree or disagree with what they were trying to say. Is it a valuable point or are they misdirected?? Step 5: Conclusion Ø Close thesis Ø End with general points around the theme and the movie