The critical understanding of the legal assessment of social work

This is an assignment that discusses the critical understanding of the legal assessment of social work. The assignment analyzes the law and policy impact of these services.

The critical understanding of the legal assessment of social work

A head teacher from a local infant school has made a referral about a young child, Jason. He is aged 6 years who has presented at school in a distressed state on several occasions recently. Jason has seemed hungry and talked about not having anything to eat before or after school, has also been tired and withdrawn, preferring the company of one teaching assistant to any children. He lives with his mother Dawn, and younger sister, Bella, aged 2 years. Mum has admitted to the school that she is feeling overwhelmed and experiencing depression herself. The head teacher advises that they made a previous referral for early help 12 months ago but are unaware of the outcome. The school believe that Bella’s father still visits the home.

Today Jason has come to school with a bruise on his face and will not say how it happened. The school have not been able to contact his mother this morning. When workers visit the family home they identify a number of other concerns – the family are all sleeping in one room downstairs and there are no beds for the children. Upon inspection there is little evidence of food in the kitchen but there is evidence of recent alcohol consumption and many alcohol cans and bottles on kitchen surfaces.

Jason is reluctant to talk to the social worker and Dawn explains that he was climbing on the kitchen surfaces to get into a cupboard and banged his face on a door. However a medical examination at the local A&E suggest the bruising is a non-accidental injury. Dawn denies this and becomes defensive when questioned, stating that she finds it difficult to cope with Jason’s behaviour.

Guidance on essays writing

Please find below, under each learning outcome, some key points you should consider when writing your essay:

LO1: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the legal, policy and specific assessment framework as they relate to particular areas of social work practice (for example children and families, adults, mental health)
What particular piece of legislation, policy and assessment framework are being used for this particular area of practice – focus only on 1-2 pieces of legislation
Also, what is the fundament/background  of this piece of legislation
What is assessment main purpose ?
Is covering the law/policy/assessment discussed addressing client  needs

LO2: Analyse critically how the law and policy impact upon those using social work services.
–        Evaluate if this piece of legislation has a positive/negative impact on clients  (e.g paternalism, oppression, power dynamic)

LO3: Understand and critique how social work uses law and policy when working with partner organisations and professions.
–        How multidisciplinary working is supporting application of the law discussed
–        Opportunities, challenges, boundaries in relation to multi-disciplinary working and potential solutions for improving this aspect of practice

LO4: Explore and reflect upon the significance of human rights, ethics, values and social justice when applying law and policy in social work.
–        Are the human rights, social work values and ethics elements being uphold  when applying this pieces of legislation and policies ? argument your view
–        How we can address conflicts, ethical dilemmas ?

LO5: Critically analyse the challenges and opportunities relating to risk and protection as they relate to children, their families, and adults when applying law and policy in social work.
–        Opportunities and challenges of implementing legislation and policy in organisations – e.g organisational and political barriers and opportunities; solutions for addressing these
–        Focus specifically on risk , protection and safeguarding