The contrast and comparison between Augustine and Pelagius

This is an assignment that discusses the contrast and comparison between Augustine and Pelagius. The paper also discusses the biblical interpretations of salvation.

The contrast and comparison between Augustine and Pelagius

Select a scripture verse or a passage
Show the contrast and/or comparison between Augustine, Pelagius, St. Prosper, Aquinas, Calvin’s position(s) and also their Biblical interpretation of Salvation
As you read about St. Augustine, St. Prosper, Pelagius, John Calvin and Thomas Aquinas and their particular interpretation of Salvation, consider the following:

I. The Historic Context
Firstly, what was the time period in which these theologians were writing? (e.g., 16th Century Europe)
Secondly, what were the spiritual (church or religious factors of Roman Catholicism or the Reformation that influenced their writings and interpretations of Scripture?) (e.g., Traditions, Rites, [Edicts]Rules by Popes, Cardinals, Bishops), Socio-economic and spiritual conditions in Europe (e.g., poverty, fear of damnation, a wrong view of the person of God [The Trinity], The politics of Rulers, Princes, Kings, Persecution of so called heretics, etc.)

II. Biblical Context/Tools

Remember, focus on the context of the verse; both Old and New Testaments.
Use contrast and comparison of these authors
Look for similarities and also differences in the author’s positions on salvation. Additionally, what are they?
Show where you agree with their position on salvation or where you disagree; are you for or against. Be brief but specific [give chapter and verse in the assigned textbook(s) references and Biblical passages to support or reject their particular view.

Your paper must contain 1) the title page, 2) the table of content page and 3) the bibliography page.  You must use at least 5 sources.

Sample Outline/the Table of Content

I. Introduction
Your introduction must contain a thesis statement
II. Historical Context
A. Socio-economic conditions during the time of John Calvin
B. Religious/Ecclesiastical Conditions of the time
C. Political Conditions during that time
III. Biblical Context
A. Context of the Passage in the Old Testament
B. Context of the Passage in the New Testament
C. Similarities and also Differences of John Calvin’s view’ of Predestination with other theologians (Augustine, Pelagius, Thomas Aquinas, St. Prosper, etc)
IV. Analysis
This section should also cover your agreement or disagreement with John Calvin’s view on Predestination with solid reasons and evidence from the scholarly sources.
V. Conclusion

Any and all research or reflection papers MUST be written using the MLA Manual of Style or APA or Turabian. Your Professor prefer the Turabian format
You can access OWL to find examples of both papers, works cited pages, and how to create in-text citations of references. Go to OWL @Purdue University. Leo University also has an online learning lab. will also help you create citations by filling in the appropriate blanks.