The community sustainability examination of an estate

This is a paper that is focusing on the community sustainability examination of an estate. The paper also provides further instructions to use in writing the assignment paper.

The community sustainability examination of an estate

Assessment task:

At the housing provider where you work, there is concern about the multiple challenges facing several of its estates, and the organisation wants to find out more about supporting the sustainability of communities.

As part of this, your manager has asked you to examine community sustainability on a particular estate you are familiar with (it may be one you work on).  Write a report for your manager which includes all of the following:

The first section sets the scene by looking at some key terminology and concepts:

1.       Firstly, provide at least three definitions of the word ‘community’, comparing and contrasting the definitions particularly bearing in mind their relevance for housing providers (AC 1.1)
2.       Secondly, using the Egan Wheel as a basis, explain the concept of a sustainable community and the key components which contribute to it  (AC 1.3)
3.       Thirdly, outline key features of the government’s approach to shaping sustainable communities in your country of the UK  (AC 2.1)

The community sustainability examination of an estate

The second section examines the estate you are focusing on:

4.       Fourthly, briefly describe at least three of the key components (as identified by Egan) of your chosen estate, particularly in terms of how they affect the community’s sustainability (AC 1.2)
5.       Also, give an overview of the key social and economic factors affecting your chosen estate  (AC 2.2)

The final section looks at ways in which your organisation could support your chosen estate to become more sustainable:

6.       Using good practice example(s), choose one of the initiatives from the list below and also explain, giving reasons, how far you think this type of initiative could bring, or has brought, improvements to the sustainability of your chosen estate.
Employment initiatives
Healthy living projects
Digital inclusion projects
Community development
Participatory budgeting

Explain the role of the partner(s) your organisation would work with to deliver your chosen initiative. Also, why a partnership approach would be effective.
1.       Briefly indicate which other two of the initiatives listed in qu6 above you think would make a significant difference to the sustainability of your chosen estate, and also give your reasons why.