The causes of conflict management of a patient case study

This is a paper that is focusing on the causes of conflict management of a patient case study. The paper also discusses the communication challenges plus other modules to focus in the paper.

The causes of conflict management of a patient case study

Write a brief summary explaining conflict management. Next, include a brief snapshot of the patient history / case study. Highlight a few important facts that you noted in the case study video.
Causes of Conflict (Module 1)
Firstly, determine the most likely causes of conflict and conflict styles used in the case study and why.

Communication Challenges (Module 2)
Secondly, describe the forms of communication used in this case study video. Consider age, gender, culture, current medical condition, diagnosis, etc., for all involved (ex: patient, family, doctor).
Are there any safety issues, behaviors, or personality traits evident from the case study that you would be concerned about?

Conflict Resolution Strategies (Module 3)
Thirdly, you are the nurse assigned to this patient. You are watching this interaction between the doctor and family member. Also, how would you intervene in this conflict? What questions would you ask the patient, and family to assess their understanding of the current situation in a non-judgmental and more therapeutic way? Lastly, what conflict resolutions should be used versus avoided?

Long Term Plan (Module 4)
Fourthly, hy would building a relationship be important in this case study? How does communication impact patient advocacy and healthcare? Also, discuss interventions you would suggest for this patient based on the assessment and interaction you witnessed? How would you collaborate with the doctor to promote understanding and cooperation from the patient and family?


Lastly, reflect and write on what have you learned personally about conflict management. Additionally, how will you incorporate the concepts from this case study video and course into your personal and professional practice? What information (or concepts) do you still need to learn or improve for effective conflict management?

*Paper Format:
APA, 12pt font, Times New Roman,
Double spaced,
Well organized paragraphs with appropriate headings,
2 scholarly references needed,
2-3 pages maximum (not including reference page)
Paper is worth 25% of overall course grade