The capital punishment assumptions and facts topic

This is a paper that is focusing on the capital punishment assumptions and facts. The paper also provides the instructions on how to write and submit the assignment paper.

The capital punishment assumptions and facts

Title: Assumptions vs. Facts. Be sure to put your name, student ID, date, and the word count at the top as well. No title page; just put these at the top of your first page, single spaced, Arial 12 pt font.
Topic: In this 6 paragraph essay, you will explore assumptions vs facts regarding two chosen issues (from a list of four below) regarding capital punishment, based on some careful web research, and you will use what you have learned to analyze the results and reflect upon assumptions, bias, and fact-finding. This essay is NOT about whether you are in favor of or opposed to the death penalty. See below for detailed, paragraph by paragraph instructions.
Detailed paragraph-by-paragraph writing instructions

What are your assumptions about capital punishment, and how do they compare to the facts? Do some web research regarding capital punishment: You will choose 2 of 4 issues to research & report your findings (mostly in your own words, although you can use quotes or lists of data as needed). Try to find web sources that are as factual, authoritative & unbiased as possible.

A.    Firstly,  the cost of capital punishment compared to life in prison
B.    Secondly,  the history of how many innocent people have been put to death
C.     Thirdly, the deterrent effect of capital punishment
D.    Fourthly,  racial bias in the death penalty

Again, you will choose 2 of these 4 issues to research. Here is the exact structure for your paper:
Length: Approximately 1000-1200 words, not including quotes or the list of sources. Think of your word count as your budget; it’s good to make the most of it, but not to go over by much. Stay within 10% of the maximum. If you paste in charts or other numerical data, this would not be included in the word count. No more than 10% quotations. If your paper is well below the minimum word count, that’s an indication that you haven’t gone into enough detail to do well.