The Bolton Wonderers financial planning after Covid-19 assignment

This is a paper that focuses on the Bolton Wonderers financial planning after Covid-19 assignment. The paper also provides additional information on the guidelines of the paper.

The Bolton Wonderers financial planning after Covid-19 assignment

Mini project guidelines

Consider the financial impact of COVID-19 on Bolton Wonderers. Undertake research into financial planning and processes that might assist Bolton Wonderers in recovering from any financial impact resulting epidemic. Summarise your finding and create a report based on your research. Minimum it should include with the following section, which outlined for guidance:

Front page
Contest page
Introduction- use this section to set scene for Bolton Wonderers, describing Bolton Wonderers, what they are doing and explain what general subject was focusses on- in this case – finance
Aim and objectives- use this section to explain the general aim of your research and identify up to three specific/ SMART objectives with financial situation.
Secondary research- use this section to present your findings from having researched the subject are using relevant academic sources. You should include at least 10 sources. What is the Bolton Wonderers plan for finance after COVID-19? What support trey have now from government?

Section- use this section to explore how organisations cooperating with pandemic in general. How COVID- 19 impact of Bolton Wonderers? How organisations were doing with pandemic before- SARS, and other? Additionally, how organisations protect themselves from pandemic? Also, how Bolton Wonderers planning to recover from pandemic?
Evaluation- use this section to explore your research questions in terms of how well it enabled you to learn about the aspect of business from academic perspective.
Conclusion and recommendations- use this section to set out any conclusion from your research. What recommendation can be done.
Reflective statement- use this section to outline what you have gained from undertaking this assignment. Consider
Appendices- include any if you use in the assignment