The Bluest Eye

1. Identify two possible topics for your paper (examples – you may explore and identify the messages, themes, character motivations, or character development, etc.). 2. Give a thesis statement based off of your first choice topic and put it in the following format: In the novel, (italicized title), by (author) … (your main point – example- the main character wrestles with a crisis of identity as a biracial young woman in America). 3. Find two articles that you may want to use to support your thesis. Look on Eastern’s library page to search for them. Give their information (title, author, date, journal name, etc.). 4. Read one of your articles and find two quotes that you may want to use to support your thesis in your paper. What are they? 5. Find four quotes from your book that support your thesis. Make sure you identify the page numbers, as well.