The Arthur and Frodo events on their lives perspectives

This is a paper that is focusing on the Arthur and Frodo events on their lives perspectives. The paper also provides additional instructions to use in writing the assignment paper.

The Arthur and Frodo events on their lives perspectives

The Assignment: On their journeys, Arthur and Frodo face events that forever alter their perspectives on life and also profoundly change how each one lives. What life lessons have you derived from your reading of their stories? How will these lessons change the way you live?
How to proceed:
1.Firstly, select one passage or scene from one of the epics, one that has been especially influential to you personally, and from which you have learned important life lessons. Type out the passage, placing it in quotation marks at the beginning of your analysis.

2.Secondly, after quoting the text exactly, briefly paraphrase it.
Also, describe the episodes that prompted your strong reaction – the scene, event, character, idea — in your own words. Be clear and specific. What happens? Where does it happen? Why does it happen?
Remember, this section should be succinct and clear and not too long; in fact, you should not write more than one paragraph in this description.

3.Thirdly, state precisely what “life lesson” you learned from the scene you described. Please develop your ideas thoroughly.
Why does this scene/episode appeal to you? What precisely did you learn?

4.Finally, write a conclusion, describing the existential implications of the lesson you have learned. How does or will the lessons you learned from the epic apply to your life now and in the future?
Complete these steps tone (1) more time using the other epic. In other words, when you are finished, you will have selected and analyzed two (2) different passages or scenes, one on King Arthur and one on Frodo. Textual

Analysis: Remember to back up your assertions with evidence from the texts. Choosing and also analyzing lines and passages provides “evidence” that supports your argument.
Research and Documentation: This paper should be based on your own analysis of the text; you should consult NO secondary sources, except the material we have used in class. However, since you MUST
quote from the primary sources, and these quotes should be followed by parenthetical references using MLA format. A few extra guidelines: Give your paper a title. Be as focused as possible in
developing your argument. Pay attention to structure and also format. Revise and proofread.