The American Revolution

Please read the week 7 (FILES) article titled “The American Revolution as a Colonial War of Independence” by T. Barrow and CH1 in G. Woods “Revolutionary Characters” (required book), and answer the following questions in your essay. 

Discussion Forum Topic: The article The American Revolution as a Colonial War of Independence provided a well-researched argument regarding monetary opportunities for our founding fathers in their struggle for independence. What is your reaction towards this theme? Provide examples.


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The American Revolution

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Chapter 5 in your textbook is titled The American Revolution. The video provided by the link below is titled The Revolutionary War: Animated Battle Map. Read chapter 5 in your textbook and then watch the video from the link below. For your post, compare the two sources on the American Revolution. Which of the two do you think provided the best information on the American Revolution? Was there any important point about the American Revolution that the two sources disagreed on?

Your original post for this assignment should be at least 150 words in length. You should respond to a peer with a post of at least 50 words.