TESLA’s Materials Requirements Plan Development

This is a paper that focuses on the TESLA’s Materials Requirements Plan Development. The paper also requires implementation and operations of the MRP.

TESLA’s Materials Requirements Plan Development

Company for focus is TESLA

Materials Requirements Planning

Develop an Excel based Materials Requirements Plan (the excel sheet is attached)  for your chosen end product (TESLA car Model 3).  Use the format and logic as shown in the illustrative Excel spread sheet attached. The spreadsheet has many other parts to it such as the Master Production Schedule (MPS) and Distribution Requirements Plan (DRP). The only part you will be working on is the highlighted in yellow portion which is the Material Requirements Plan (MRP).
In the excel sheet you can alter it to add rows to show at least 4 MRP levels with sub-assemblies, purchased components, manufactured components, and raw materials.

Review the textbook reading. Your MRP Excel file will be accompanied by a written assignment containing (minimum word count).

1.      Firstly, details on the implementation of how this excel sheet MRP could be. (project management process, who should be involved, and why, etc.) within the chosen firm (400 words)

2.      Secondly, details on the operation of how this plan could be. (management process, key factors in the MRP operating policy, who should be responsible and why, the users of this modules data, etc.) within Tesla (400 words)

Please ensure that the excel sheet is with this work.

If you decide to cite the textbook don’t worry about the citation just put in parenthesis after the sentence (CITE THE TEXTBOOK)

Ensure that the paper is at least 5 pages long excluding the cover page and also the reference page. Also, ensure that you include all the references of the sources that you are to use. All writings and also referencing should be under the APA format and style guidelines.