Tangible user interfaces

General ideas for the paper(these ideas may be wrong, and they can be deleted or greatly modified): Key researchers could be: Hiroshi Ishii: Brygg Ullmer: Orit Shaer: Key researches could be: “Tangible bits: towards seamless interfaces between people, bits and atoms” by H Ishii, B Ullmer. “Emerging frameworks for tangible user interfaces” – by B Ullmer, H Ishii “Tangible user interfaces: past, present, and future directions” – by O Shaer, E Hornecker. Open ideas could be: 1. A design of touch-screen mouse. Use technology similar to iphone8 ‘s home button to the tap-part of the mouse. -Controlled experiment: touch-screen mouse vs. normal mouse. Let experimenters play online shooting game. then ask for preference, and get some data.