Tableau and SQL question

I need an explanation for this MySQL question to help me study.

Here is some info that is needed. The PDF file contains the instructions for the assignment:

Installing flights database

Here are the instructions for downloading the flights database. This

assumes that you have alread installed MySQL, including MySQL workbench.

1. Download from this URL:

2. Copy the zip file to a folder on your local machine. On my PC, I created a folder called c:dataflights.


Unzip the six files in the folder. There will be a single .SQL script

file and five .CSV files that will be loaded into 5 tables in your flights database.

4. Launch MySQL workbench.

5. Create a new MySQL schema (database) called flights.

6. Make the flights database yor default schema.

7. Open the script loadflights.sql. If

you copied the files to a different folder on your PC, or you copied to

a Mac folder, you’ll need to modify each of the five LOAD commands in

the script to point to the correct file location.

8. Run the loadflights.sql script. Your script should return the following information:

table counts

Here is a 3 minute video that shows how to perform the MySQL Workbench steps outlined above:


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