SUNY College Contingency Theories of Leadership Adopted by Apollo Film Case Study

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Please find and watch the movie”Apollo-13″ (1995), starring Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris, etc.

In your analysis of this amazing film remember our focus on the framework of The Leader, The Followers, and The Situation. Once you watch this enjoyable and interesting film (based on true historic events!), I want you to reflect upon it and answer ALL of the following questions in a paper that you will then submit:

1) How does this film relate to our class about Leadership? Please give examples from the film and tie them into the specific major topics/concepts we have studied in the class text and class so far.

2) There are many different people who displayed incredible leadership qualities and behaviors in this film. Please give some examples of this for all of the following:

a) Jim Lovell

b) Jack Swigert

c) Ken Mattingly

d) Jim’s wife Marilyn Lovell

e) Gene Kranz

f) pick another character of your choice

3) Summarize what leadership (and personal) lessons YOU (personally) learned from viewing this amazing story.

4) How can you apply what you have learned from viewing and reflecting on this film in your own life?