Suma-physical security-Discussion 4 and 2 replies

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Pick 3 different typesof encryption methods and explain the benefits of each one.

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lakshmi – Question 1

Another fact that Martin and his team should consider is the current workload of his company. It is important to consider the current projects that are being undertaken by the company so that if they decide to consider an additional project, it will not bring too much workload n the company as it may strain the company resources and personnel. Therefore, if Martin is considering to bid on the job, his company should be capable to take on the additional workload and deliver the work in an effective and timely manner.

Martin and his team should also consider the reputation of the potential client. He should research on whether the client is trustworthy and reliable when it comes in such type of projects in order to avoid any future confrontation as a result of conflict between Martin and the client. The most common type of conflict to arise in projects is in relation to payment. It is therefore advisable for Martin and his team to check on the financial background of the client in order to know if the payments will be consistent throughout the contract period.

Question 2

I think that Marvin’s company should not bid on the job. The cons in this case are more than the pros. Placing this bid will put a lot on the line for both the company and its employees. The company making the offer was very strategic. They knew what they wanted from Marvin’s company. This is a very crucial moment for Marvin’s company as it will determine how they will relate with that company from then on.

One of the major reasons for their success is the specific way they do things in their company. Placing this bid will expose their company policies and enable the competition to learn their ways. On the other hand, if they do not place this bid, they will lose an important client. I believe not placing this bid will do more good for the company. Marvin together with the company’s management should place the best interests of the company first. This is what competitive bidding is all about. One company cannot win all the bids it places.

The reason why every company is so successful is because of the hard work and dedication of its employees. Exposing the company’s cost structure will enable the competition to take away some of their best employees by offering them much better pay. It is evident that Marvin’s employees are the reason his company is doing so well. He even asks for their input on this dilemma that has been bothering him. He believes that they will put the company’s best interests first and that is exactly what they should do.

Once the company’s costing information is known to the competitors, Marvin’s company will have a harder time winning bids since competitors will adjust use it as leverage against them. Clients will also force them to accept lower bids. It would be better to keep company costing policy a secret so as to retain their position in the market.

kiran – 1. What other factors should Marvin and his team consider?

Deciding whether to bid on a project or not below are some of the factors that Marvin and his team may need to consider before making the bid:

Profit Potential:

The case study clearly states that there is a low-profit margin if they bid on this and other future contracts, but there are great overall profits and incomes per share, however, this is something that Marvin and his team should look deep into this project.

  • Is this bid is more competitive? To win, will Marvin need to bid so low that he loses all benefits in this project?
  • Does he have the correct mastery and labor to execute this 10-year project?

Competition Win Impact:

  • Providing a detailed cost structure for this project to the client can potentially make Marvin’s company expose to its competition and potentially will impact in their future bids on other projects, as this structure is the secret that Marvin’s company is using in still today in bidding the projects.
  • Current project clients will request for discounts on current contracts and will request for more competitive pricing on future contracts.

Payment options to the project?

  • As it is said in the case study that the project is at least a 10-year contract and what are the payment options? Is Marvin need to fund the project and only get paid upon completion of each segment?
  • If Marvin’s company gets paid annually on this particular project, how it is going to impact his business? Is the company going to miss on other projects, they will miss more profits and opportunities on the other projects and they will not have the manpower and resources to use.

2 – Should they bid on this job?

This is a long-term contract (10+ years), there are enough reasons to agree that a lot of risks are associated with bidding on this contract. From the case study, it clearly shows that Marvin and his team usually work on fixed-price contracts and is, therefore, their level of skill, familiarity and they are experts in working on fixed-price projects are higher, and fewer chances to run into issues. If we look in too few pros and cons of bidding that I have identified form the case study are:

Pros of not bidding:

  • The Marvin company members have great skills to focus on other clients with high profits.
  • They can stop the release of the company’s detailed cost structure into the market which prevents other competitive bidders to bid on future projects.

Cons of not bidding:

  • Marvin’s company will be removed from the client’s bidder list.
  • There are no long-term contracts for Marvin’s company.

From the above facts, I believe that Marvin’s team is not the right fit at this time to bid this project.