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A version of the book

Case 8 in the textbook, “UltraRope: Crafting a Go-To Market Strategy…” describes the history and competitive strategy of Kone, a Finnish elevator company.

  1. Which of the generic strategies described in your book best describe the strategy of Kone? Justify your reasoning.
  2. How will UltraRope contribute to Kone’s competitive advantage? How can the company capitalize off this development?
  3. Which competitor, or competitors, will be most impacted with the introduction of UltraRope? Explain your reasoning.

Start your original post with either the number 1, 2, or 3 and a 3-10 word description of your thinking, which correspond to a question from those above. Please, just focus on one question in your original thread. The syllabus provides further details on what is expected in discussions, and the grading criteria.