Strategic management analysis of Vipshop Holdings Limited

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Strategic management analysis of Vipshop Holdings Limited

You should be reporting on the Current Condition of the firm. Do NOT make any recommendations or proposals about what the firm should do in this paper. Recommendations are reserved for the Final Deliverable. Thus, report facts that you have researched only.

As noted in the Assignment specifications and in the Rubric, you must use APA format and within that format requirement is the use of topical headings. You can / should use those not only to outline your research but also to present your paper(s).

Citations and References must absolutely match and must absolutely be in correct APA format.

Please analyze the following four sections in detail. Each section should have sufficient references. Pay attention to the format when quoting!

1. (Internal) Strengths and Weaknesses

2. (External) Opportunities and Threats

3. Competitive Dynamics

4. Corporate-Level Strategy

Notes: 1. Please write the paper as required.

2. Be sure to provide sufficient references to support your point of view.

3. Detailed content is required for each part.