Storyboarding to connect visual to an argument

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To start this exercise, you should select your dataset (if you have not done so already) and draft the three visualizations that you will use for Project 2. You will then create a “storyboard” to visually plan how you will integrate visuals into the argument of the deliverable to create a “story” or argument.

Step 1

  • Describe each visual you are planning
  • Describe your argument or point
  • Outline your argument or point. Feel free to headings to help you outline.

Step 2

  • Put the visuals in the order that best makes your point
  • Integrate the visuals into your outline to create a storyboard that connects planned visuals to the “story” or point you are making

Your completed storyboard should clearly describe the point you are making, and where and how the visuals fit in.