Complete this handout that asks you to draw a histogram. You can complete it by either:

printing out a hard copy, making the necessary changes, and uploading a picture of the completed handout here.
Using PDF annotation to annotate the PDF and upload the annotated pdf here.


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Statistical Concepts:

  • Confidence Intervals
  • Data Simulation
  • Normal Probabilities

Short Answer Writing Assignment

All answers should be complete sentences.

In the Week 2 Lab, you found the mean and the standard deviation for the SLEEP variable for both males and females.Use those values for follow these directions to calculate the numbers again.

(From Week 2 Lab: Calculate descriptive statistics for the variable Sleep by Gender.Sort the data by gender by clicking on Data and then Sort.Copy the Sleep of the males from the data file into the Descriptive Statistics worksheet of the Week 1 Excel file.[Write down the mean and standard deviation.] These are sample data. Then, copy and paste the female data into the Descriptive Statistics workbook and do the same.Keep three decimal places.)

You will also need the number of males and the number of females in the dataset. You can actually count these in the dataset.

Then use the Week 5 spreadsheet to calculate the following confidence intervals.The male confidence interval would be one calculation in the spreadsheet and the females would be a second calculation.

  • Give and interpret the 95% confidence intervals for males and a second 95% confidence interval for females on the SLEEP variable.Which is wider and why?