Square for Restaurants:

Square for Restaurants: Positioning & Go-To-Market Plan  I need support with a positioning and go-to-market plan for a real world case study example. I need it to be completed in a few days. I’m looking for a freelancer that is a go-to-market strategist to build positioning, go-to-market plan, and measurement for the prompt below. Prompt: Square for Restaurants is a holistic solution that includes a tailored point of sale and advanced functionality for restaurant operators. Research during the beta phase showed how messaging around speed and cost-effectiveness resonated the most, leading to the current public web pages. The team has been working on a number of new features and improvements that will evolve the audience we are targeting—handling larger, more complex restaurants. Deliverable: What would you do with positioning and messaging? What would be your go-to-market plan? What tactics would you rely on or change? What are other considerations to account for? How does this product differ from our competitors? You can find the product features and benefits on the product page on Squareup.com. I will also provide some helpful frameworks and materials.