Sports trauma management – decision making tools

This is an essay focusing on sports trauma management. Decision making tools and guidelines are key in management.

Sports trauma management – decision making tools

In the beginning, critically discuss the decision-making tools and guidelines to be used in Sports trauma management. These apparatus and guidelines are to recognise, monitor and return the adult player to sport. The essay is following a sport related concussion in an English Football league match.

The mechanism of injury leads you to believe that the player is suffering with a sport related concussion (SRC).

Thereafter, discuss on Management of SRC. Look in depth on the various causes of concussion.

Secondly, consider how you would recognise concussion on the field of play, immediate management. How you would monitor concussion within your scope of practice including onward referral and return to play guidelines.

Thirdly, robust and critical analysis is the key during the reporting of this essay. This is comparing to descriptive account of the management of SRC. Therefore, base your understanding from the literature and the perceived gaps in requiring knowledge.
Lastly, awarding of marks  will focus on critical and robust analysis will be emphasized. Do not focus more on descriptive account of the management of SRC,