Sports Marketing Research Assignment #6: Crossfit—The Latest Trend

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Chapter Review

Case Study

Crossfit—The Latest Trend

The latest exercise trends tend to come and go like diet fads. The popularity of aerobics, jazzercise, yoga, and Pilates has been surpassed by the popularity of CrossFit. A recent survey by the Los Angeles Examiner classifies exercise trends as:

  • a general development or change in the way that people are exercising
  • a temporary fad that is only popular for a short period of time

CrossFit involves using the top nine exercise trends in continuously varied workouts. High-intensity interval training associated with CrossFit includes:

  • body weight training
  • strength training
  • exercise and weight loss
  • functional fitness
  • group fitness training

CrossFit is rapidly gaining followers. Participants are led through exercises by experienced fitness professionals. Personal training fitness programs are available for older adults.

Higher Risk=Higher Reward

CrossFit progams include short bursts of high-intensity exercises followed by short periods of rest for recovery. Many CrossFit participants prefer the varied workouts to those workouts devoted to a single activity, such as walking on a treadmill or running. A major drawback for the CrossFit program is the high possibility of injury due to the fast-paced, high-intensity nature of it.

Fading Fast

Zumba is a Latin dance workout that includes interval-type exercise and resistance training. Zumba experienced rapid growth from 2010 to 2013. Because of its declining popularity, Zumba is now considered an exercise fad rather than a trend. Spinning was ranked in the Top 20 exercise programs in 2013 but has now dropped out of the rankings. Popular exercise boot camps also have dropped out of the Top 20 in less than two years. Exercise fads will continue to grow as more Americans look for ways to lose weight.

Think Critically

  1. What makes CrossFit an appealing workout? (Conduct online research to learn more about CrossFit.)
  2. Why are some exercise programs just a fad while others remain popular over time?
  3. When promoting a new exercise trend, what would you emphasize to attract followers?
  4. Are exercise clubs/gyms on the rise or decline in the United States? (Conduct online research to find statistics.) What do you think contributes to this trend?
  5. 250 words,