Sport and exercise psychological theories application

This is a paper that is focusing on the sport and exercise psychological theories application. The paper also provides scenarios to choose from in writing the assignment paper.

Sport and exercise psychological theories application

Sport and Exercise Psychology
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this assessment and this module, you will have demonstrated your ability to:
1. Analyse and also apply psychological theories relating to sport psychology to positively influence athletic performance.
2. Secondly, analyse and apply psychological theories relating to exercise psychology to positively influence exercise participation.
Topics available
You have been invited as a sport psychologist to work with:
Scenario 1

A golfer who has just received their PGA card to play professionally and struggled with their putting in the first few events. Their short game was a strong facet of their game before their received their PGA card


Scenario 2
A rugby team that has recently been promoted to the premiership and had a massive investment in new players to come to the club to help ensure the team stays in the league this year. The team have struggled in their first couple of training sessions and pre-season matches to gel together effectively.


Scenario 3
A Soccer team that has a new manager and a number of the team have been promoted to the first team from the academy. The group has struggled to bond effectively and consequently performance has been poor and the fans and crowds at matches are starting to get restless. [PC1]


[PC1]This is the EEC Question

Sport and exercise psychological theories application

Information to include

Below is the list of information that you need to include in your presentation:

Firstly, cover two concepts with your individual (Anxiety and Confidence), or team (Leadership, Group Dynamics, and Group Cohesion) factors.


Secondly, introduce the case study and the client (‘s) you are presenting and the sport. The scenario is very basic so expand and be creative with this. Ensure you set the scene for the audience, so they understand the case study in question.


Thirdly, use relevant theory to explain the chosen psychological construct (i.e. anxiety, group dynamics etc.)- ensure you include definitions, theories and models, research and make the link to your sporting example (as per your chosen case study) clear.


Fourthly, consider the clients issue and propose an appropriate intervention. Again, use relevant theory to explain how the intervention can address the issue and ensure you fully justify your recommendation.


A reference list of all references used throughout the presentation


Also, ensure that you stay within the allotted time of 10 minutes. Any slides or discussions over the 10 minutes will not be marked

Try to keep between 8-15 slides to ensure you cover everything you need in the allotted time.