SPED 3312 IIFP Task Analysis (for person with disability)

I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.

Generate a detailed task analysis to help the person remember or to teach the person how to complete the task.

Follow all the steps from the reading on task analysis. You do not need to turn in the question answers…just do them for yourself.

The task analysis should be designed for a skill or a social skill such as making friends, self-determination skills such as how to learn self-help skills or independent living skills. Perhaps the parent of the child or the child wants to learn a hobby, or how to become a model, or learn how to dance. Depending upon the age of the child, the parents and the child may want to learn special things for the future. There are no right or wrong answers.

Make sure you indicate whether the future goal (s) are what the parent wants for the child and which ones are the child’s goals.

If you are interviewing an adult it would be his/her future desires.

It is likely that many of you have not completed a task analysis before this assignment. Therefore, you will have to read the document posted in this week’s assignment for background information. There are two documents to read for background knowledge.

Again, you may reach out to your classmates for help with this but please don’t turn in the same task analysis. Because every child is different, the task steps will need to fit the child’s physical abilities.

Directions: When you write a task analysis for your student/child/adult, please think about their age, the skill, and which skills the person already knows. Then create a document that lists each step for completing the skill. Depending on the age and the skill level of your student, your task analysis list might be 5 steps or 25 steps. Everyone’s will be different depending on the specific individual. Task analysis should be something that your student needs to learn in order to move towards their later life goals.