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Read over the Vocabulary in Chapter 2 about “La Familia.” Then write a paragraph (6-7 sentences) in Spanish on the ideal family or “La Familia Ideal.” Use Descriptive adjectives and the Family vocabulary. Should be fictional family not your own family. Use PRESENT TENSE ONLY. Read two other student’s discussion boards and write two sentences of comments on each student in Spanish. Remember to write all your own work. Use of google translate or other such translation services is considered plagiarism and will result in potential failure of the course.

Discussion Board por la Semana 5 – “La familia” (páginas 54, 58)

Modelos: La familia ideal es generosa. La madre es buena y amable. El padre es trabajador y listo. Los hermanos son cómicos y divertidos. Los abuelos son simpáticos y ricos.


Read the cultural section about Mexico in the book (as much as you can). Pick three of the following to write (in Spanish or English) about: why Mexican stereotypes are wrong; Mexican cultural traditions (must be deeper cultural elements); complexities of Mexican-American war and aftermath; why Mexico is the Hollywood of Latin America; history of the borderland trouble (why it is recent); and the economic, real humanitarian issue of maquiladoras. Write a two page, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-pt font paper reflecting on the material you learned in English. Use MLA formatting/citation style and do outside research if necessary. Submit to dropbox.