Spanish Help

I need help with a Spanish question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Write two short paragraphs (10 sentences) in Spanish listing some of the items found in your classroom and also what classes you are taking. Submit to the dropbox when finished. Use PRESENT TENSE ONLY. Remember to write all your own work. Use of google translate or other such translation services is considered plagiarism and will result in potential failure of the course.

Dropbox – “En la sala de clase y en la universidad” (páginas 22 y 34)

Modelos: En la sala de clase, hay una pizarra y hay muchas sillas. Hay mesas y una computadora con una pantalla. Yo tomo la clase del idioma del español. Tomo la clase de biología y de química. Mi amiga Carmen toma las clases de humanidades y arte.

Second one is

Read the section on definite and indefinite articles. Explain in 5 sentences in English how definite versus indefinite articles are used and give 4 sentences in Spanish as examples. Use classroom vocabulary. Post in discussion board and drop box.


En la clase, hay la profesora Muñoz. (Talking about specific class/person)

Tomo una clase los lunes y martes. (Just a class, not specific, but on specific days)

Hay un libro en el aula. (Just a book, not specific, but specific place)

Javier lleva unas sillas. (Bringing just some chairs, not specific)

I will provide copies of the pages shortly