SOWK 7338 Our Lady of the Lake University Theoretical Orientation Graphic and Paper

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The purpose of this assignment is to identify particular theoretical perspectives that you currently use or plan to use in your social work practice.


For this assignment, you will investigate and articulate your personal theoretical orientation through:

  • A Brainstorm Discussion
  • A Theoretical Orientation Graphic
  • A Theoretical Orientation Narrative
Part 2 – Graphic and Paper

For this portion of the assignment, you will submit the graphic and the paper.

Using a tool of your choice, create a graphic that illustrates your own theoretical orientation.

  • Identify particular perspectives that you consider integral to your own approach to social work practice.
  • Provide brief explanations for using/planning to use these perspectives (similar to the example provided for you).

You may use any tool you prefer to create the graphic so long as you can save or scan the file to PDF or image (PNG, JPG) file format. Some suggestions are: Microsoft PowerPoint drawings tools, Google Drawings, other free online diagram software.

Paper Narrative:
Provide a narrative that addresses your theoretical orientation as depicted by the graphic.

  • First, discuss the perspectives that were important to you prior to starting this course.
  • Second, discuss your current understanding of how you will incorporate various theories (choose at least 3 theories) into your social work practice. Include a discussion of which course readings and activities helped you more fully develop your theoretical orientation (provide the citations for readings).
  • Then, choose one of those social work theories and explain how you will use that theory in your social work practice.
    • Remember to discuss literature that addresses these points.
  • Finally, provide a paragraph that summarizes how you envision integrating your personal theoretical perspective to enhance your cultural sensitivity when working with Hispanic and Latino clients.

Paper Logistics:
The paper must adhere to the following:

  • Length: 6 pages including APA style cover page and references page and the graphic (you may also submit the graphic as a separate file). An abstract is not required.
  • Sources: Identify at least 5 sources pivotal in helping you form your personal theoretical orientation (including two sources from this course).
  • References Page: To follow APA format.
  • Format: Font and margins according to APA format and submitted in MS Word file format.
  • Due Date: Late assignments will not be accepted for credit except in cases of extraordinary circumstances (e.g., car accident, death in the family, serious illness).

You will submit both the graphic file (PDF or image (PNG, JPG) file format) and the paper file (MS Word format) to the same assignment item. (See syllabus for the date.)

This Part is 75% of your assignment grade.