some question about what subject are you good at?

I’m studying for my Chemistry class and need an explanation.

Hi there, I’m looking for someone to help me in the rest of the semester who are good at Chemistry and Biology Science. I notice that you are a PhD majored in Chemistry. Do you want to work with me? I have left 4 lecture exams in Organ bio, evolution& ecology and 4 lab exams. And 5 exams of General College Chemistry 1. If you are interested in this cooperation. I’ll invite you $35 for each exams. Which is $455 in total. Also I’m going to take the first Biosc exam in 3 hours. If you are willing to work with me this time. I can see how well we can work together. Also I’ll change the budge to $20 if you would like to accept, just for this time as an attempt.