Soho & Tribeca by Kevin Francis Gray Analytical Review

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Assignment #1 – SOHO & TRIBECA Due Oct 2nd You are writing 2 pages on EACH of the gallery districts and are required to show visuals of the artworks you selected in your reviews.

When writing your reviews – some points to consider: How would you describe the work? What do you like/dislike about it? Does the art work remind you of other work you’ve seen? In reading the artist’s bio what specific details might give some insight into their art and add to your overall appreciation of it? Can you describe the style – does the work belong to a particular movement? Think about the basic elements we’ve previously discussed in class: scale, color, texture, line, shape, materials, process. What’s the message? Is there a narrative theme? If so, can you describe/interpret a story, action or relationship?

When you visit each website take the time to familiarize yourself with the gallery – how long have they been in business, etc (click their “about” button). Look at the archive of past shows to get a better understanding of the artists they represent. Don’t neglect all the available information: installation views; thumbnails; press release; reviews; artist’s page/bio; videos, etc.

You should include photos in the essay