Sociology …..

I’m working on a Social Science exercise and need support.

Follett #1: Integrative Unity

–What is integrative unity (basics) and why is it important (what does it permit…think supervision here…and why)

Ouchi #3: Transaction Costs and Org Form

–How/why do the 2 types of transaction costs explain and predict different organizational forms? That is, why is the market especially good/efficient at absorbing hi goal incongruity

Powell #4: Not Market or Hierarchy

–Horizontal relationships (like networks) are fundamentally different from both markets and bureaucracies; what are some characteristics of these horizontal relationships (be able to describe not just name—see table). Note that we did not cover this in lecture; while Powell’s reading is primarily to set a foundation for later topics and you can skim it, don’t skip it completely. It offers a good opportunity to clarify some common terms in the field as well like reciprocity, opportunism, etc.

#5 Leana and van Buren, Organizational Social Capital

–what is organizational social capital (associability) and how might we develop it

Heimer #6 Universalistic v. Particularistic Heimer

–why is it inefficient to always use universalistic approach; when should we use particularistic approach

#8 Weber–what are several characteristics of his classic bureaucratic model (division of labor, specialization, chain of command, etc. –be able to briefly describe each)