Sociology of Culture-the cultural diamond was developed for 

This paper focuses  on Sociology of Culture. The cultural diamond was developed for the analysis of cultural objects such as works of art or literature.

Sociology of Culture-the cultural diamond was developed for

Firstly, the cultural diamond was develop ed for the analysis of cultural objects such as works of art or literature.
Secondly, how well does it work for other types of objects such as religious beliefs, laws, customs, or rituals?
Thirdly, provide of an example of such a cultural object: how could you apply the diamond?
Fourthly, what insights can be gained from this type of analysis?

More details;

Culture is one of those words that people use all the time but have trouble defining. Consider the following stories about some of the wildly different things we envision when we talk about culture.

In September 2010 France’s Senate voted 246 to 1 to ban women from wearing a full-face veil (niqab or burqa) in public. Many Muslims argue that veiling, which they regard as defending female modesty from intrusive male eyes, is intrinsic to their culture. The minister of justice, on the other hand, says that the ban affirms French cultural values of dignity and equality. Girls
growing up under these two cultures may feel torn by the incompatible rules for being a good French citizen. Also, a good Muslim.

The sociology of culture is an older concept, and considers some topics and objects as more or less “cultural” than others. By way of contrast, Jeffrey C. Alexander introduced the term cultural sociology, an approach that sees all, or most, social phenomena as inherently cultural at some level.
Why is culture important in sociology?

The study of culture is very important to the study of sociology, for as sociology is the study of society, how to understand people, human behavior. It helps us understand where we come from, how we may improve our lives and how to better understand each other and improve our behavioral connections in this world.