sociology 1

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In Chapter 4 and Module 5, we learn about culture and its elements. One of the concepts that was introduced was subculture. There are many examples of subcultures including gamers, hipsters, emo, goth, jocks, skaters, surfers, fans of different styles of music or sports. Ethnicity, class or religion can be bases for subcultures too. For more examples, you can check out this list of subcultures on Wikipedia here, keeping in mind that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list. After reviewing the concept of subculture and reflecting on the subcultures you belong to (or belonged to, at some point in your life), and how their rules, values and artifacts give us a sense of belonging to those groups and make our membership in them apparent to others, please answer the following two-part question:

1. What subculture (that you either currently belong to or that you belonged to in the past) are you describing and what are some of the rules, values, and artifacts that distinguish it?

In addition, please reply to at least one of our classmates’ posts with thoughtful feedback regarding their answer to these questions. Remember to keep your feedback factual and respectful of your fellow classmates.