Social Problems

Consider a social problem that you would like to research.

State which social problem you have selected to research.

Next, secure an example of the problem as presented in each of the above sources (an academic journal as a news story or magazine).

For example, you could find an article from the journal Social Problems, then compare this account with any magazine or newspaper article. You are welcome to visit the Hatch Library for your article: (Links to an external site.)

Provide the following as an outline with your response to the topic above:

Summary of research findings of each source.

Methods used in each source.

What differences did you discover between the two types of accounts?

Examine how biased or unbiased each source was in reporting the information.


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Social Problems

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Short Answer -Answers should be thorough and consistent

Required Texts for this assignment

Saltzman, A., Furman, D., & Ohman, K. (2016). Law in Social Work Practice. Third Edition. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning

Maschi, T. & Leibowitz, G. (Editors) (2018). Forensic Social Work. Second Edition. New York, NY: Springer Publishing

  • Discuss the role of client privacy in the context of the social worker/client relationship.Give an example of how it is both a right (whose right?) and obligation (whose obligation?).Detail how these concepts play a role in what information a social worker seeks from a client.Also discuss three (3) exceptions to the social worker’s duty to keep confidential a client’s private information.Source:Chapter 7 in Law in Social Work Practice
  • Define forensic social work, discuss the historical evolution of forensic social work, and give three (3) practical examples of what forensic social workers can do and explain the example (type of setting, likely client, etc.)Source:Chapter 4 in Law in Social Work Practice
  • Using the assigned reaSocialdings, contrast the purpose and goals of our laws and legal system with the mission of social work, as articulated in the Preamble of the NASW Code of Ethics. Discuss whether the emphasis on protection of individual rights and personal freedom and autonomy in our legal system clashes with the social work mission.If so, give an example of that conflict.Source:Chapter 1 in Law in Social Work Practice
  • Explain three (3) main differences between criminal and civil law proceedings.Use proper definitions and give at least two (2) examples of each type of proceeding.
  • Define Forensic Interviewing, and the different stages and structure of the interview. What are the interviewing techniques that have been found to empirically elicit the most accurate information?
  • Using the four processes of Motivational Interviewing, please explain how you would apply each process to the case in FSW book, page 327-8.
  • Describe the Life Course System Power Analysis Model for Multilevel Assessment and Intervention. How might it be applied to one of the three cases discussed in Chapter 2 of the Forensic SW text?
  • Describe the ETHICA model and its use in forensic social work.
  • Describe historical trauma and its impact on the Native community depicted in the film Dodging Bullets and how is historical trauma relevant to the work you may do in a forensic setting.