Social Problem

Students are expected to produce an 8-10 page paper with at least 5 citations from human services related journals. When citing the literature, follow APA style. For this assignment, students are to choose one of the social problems discussed in class and discuss this problem in depth.  Components of the paper should include the following: a definition of the social problem, the key historical events or changes that created the social problem, what are the current policies or programs that have been created to overcome this social problem, and what needs to be improved in helping to eliminate the social problem.  Students are expected to provide their personal views and opinions in support of or in critique of information found within the literature they research.


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social problem

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Consider the perspectives you have studied in this unit. Choose one of the following three prompts and respond to it in 500-700 words:
1. In your opinion, does pornography promote violence against women? Explain your answer.
2. Does it make sense for the United States to follow the example of other democracies as it tries to help older Americans, or is the United States different enough from these nations that a different approach is warranted? Explain.
3. Is the “war on drugs” the appropriate response to drug use, or is it doing more harm than good? Defend your perspective.

Formatting & Other Guidelines:

Be sure to incorporate at least 3 scholarly references! You may use the textbook as one of your sources, if you like.

Use APA formatting. You do not need an abstract, however.

Remember to include a References page at the end and use in-text citations!