small 5 day assignment being nice to someone

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Situational Analysis – Emotional Contagion

Read The Dark Side of Social Media on page 146 of the course text. Emotional contagion does not just live within the constraints of the digital world. The theory is that if you are upbeat consistently others will follow in your wake.

Assignment in Week 6: You will select one person (do not tell them you are testing them), this could be a spouse, friend, family member, or coworker. Someone you know you will see 5 days in a row. Each day for 5 days, say one nice comment to this person. During the week observe and evaluate how the person interacts with you and others. Write your findings down on the journal format provided below.

1st step Create this journal over 5 days.

Journal Format:

Emotional Contagion Journal Form

Student Name:

Name of the Person Being Observed:

Relationship to the Person:

Day 1 Date & Comment:

Day 1 Observations:

Day 2 Date & Comment:

Day 2 Observations:

Day 3 Date & Comment:

Day 3 Observations:

Day 4 Date & Comment:

Day 4 Observations:

Day 5 Date & Comment:

Day 5 Observations:

After you have completed the five days write a couple of paragraphs.

Week 8 Discussion: For this discussion thread you are to write 2-3 paragraphs about what you did, what you observed, and how the person interacted with you. You are not required to name the person in this threaded discussion or share who it was for their privacy. If you were able to view, also address how that person interacted with others and how those interactions compared to previous interactions you witnessed. Your submission is required to be in APA format (does not require Word attachment or title page however).