Skeletal Muscles A

Required from the research paper, It is a simple 2 to 4 page paper on any topic related to this semester’s material such as skin, bone, muscle, cardiac, blood, respiratory and immune issues. It may NOT be on any subject not covered such as urinary, neurological, endocrinology, reproduction, gastrointestinal, or other diseases not discussed. If you have any questions as to whether the subject is acceptable, ask me. You must have three literature references that were used to research the topic. Google and Wikipedia are not references but are good sources for finding references. Don’t just list them on the reference page but use them and cite them in the paper. Include a title page and reference page in addition to the text pages. The two to four pages of text must be just that; not one and a half pages but at least TWO FULL PAGES. The paged are to be double spaced, Font size of 12, and an acceptable font such as Calibri or Times New Roman. Do not write in the first person such as “I read” or “I found this interesting”. Always write in the third person. An example would be, “The author stated”, “The literature shows”, etc. You must use proper grammar and spelling including sentence and paragraph structure. Points will be deducted for poor grammar and spelling. The papers must be done in Microsoft Word only and submitted through Turnitin. Your paper must be original. Turnitin has files on not only the published literature but student submitted papers so don’t feel that another persons work will not be discovered. The general structure consists of a problem or proposal that the paper will address, the body supporting or disproving the proposal, and a conclusion. Feel free to use the writing center at the college.